Drinking Game Scorekeeper


Part of my journey through Shenzhen I/O

Problem: There are two simple I/O inputs: point and foul. There is display attached via XBus that will display the current score when it is sent via an XBus packet. When point is 100, the score should increment. When foul is 100, the score should decrement by 2, but never go lower than 0.

I used a single MC4000 for this, wiring point to p0, foul to p1, and display to x1.

  teq p0 100
+ add 1
  teq p1 100
+ sub 2
+ tlt acc 0
+ mov 0 acc
  mov acc x1
  slp 1

This ended up scoring pretty well, costing is ¥3, using 268 power, and 8 lines of code, which is better than average on power, and the lowest value attainable on lines of code and cost.