Notedeck Philosophy

Notedeck is a note system I developed for myself to help me organize my ideas both at home and at work. Notedeck is built on Tiddlywiki, and introduces the concept of the log.

The overall philosophy of Notedeck is that most notes are entered in logs that record notes about a topic at a time. Time is very central to how Notedeck works. Not only does Notedeck provide the concept of a "Today Log" to make entering new information easy, but it extends the log concept to any other topic you want to track.

The log functionality governs how many of the notes are entered, and tends to produce streams of relatively small notes in chronological order. Each note can then be renamed (if desired) and tagged with assiciated topics so it appears both in the daily log and the log for the topic itself. The result is a system that scales gracefully with effort. Even with no organization, Notedeck provides daily and topic-based logs, and with a little bit of additional effort, you can create other connections between notes.

Notedeck makes those connections more visible by embedding Tiddlywiki's existing backlinks functionality directly into the view template, providing a list of all the notes that link to the current note at the bottom of every note. This makes links bi-directional.

Finally, some logs might be grouped together because they are related. Notedeck provides a tab-based interface for automatically aggregating groups of logs with a particular tag.

Sound interesting? Head over and read more about how the Notedeck Wiki works!