I'm a fan of trance and EDM in general, and have been listening daily for the past 20 years or so. I've long had playlists of tracks I ran across that I liked, so I'm gathering some and putting them here. I'll bring in older stuff over time, I expect, since it makes for a fun collection over the years.

Everything here is a link out to Youtube, mostly because it works for everyone. I might later try and map all the tracks to various playlists on the streaming services. Or maybe make a yearly mix!

2022 Tracks

Tritonal and Codeko - Superhuman - 2022-11-24

From late 2021, I recently ran across this and can't get it out of my head.

Tritonal and Codeko - Superhuman

John Grand - Nine to Five - 2022-10-30

Another discovery from John Grand's criminally underrated at-home livestream simply titled John Grand - DJ Set (At Home Livestream).

John Grand - Nine to Five

Disfunktion, LKX, Unterberg - Rush - 2022-09-17

This was actually buried in one of John Grand's sets (John Grand - DJ Set (At Home Livestream)) around the 20-minute mark or so, but was completely glossed over in the tracklist. I ended up tracking it down using audio search. Fantastic energy in this track!

Disfunktion & LKX & Unterberg - Rush

Nic Toms - Velvet - 2022-09-08

Absolutely not from 2022 (2013!), but I discovered it this year, so it counts. =)

Nic Toms - Velvet

Morpheus - Kolonie - 2022-09-08

Morpheus - Kolonie

John Grand and Adam Sobiech - You Got Me Saying - 2022-09-07

John Grand & Adam Sobiech - You Got Me Saying

Farius - Chromosphere - 2022-09-07

I found this gem in one of John Grand's DJ sets.

Farius - Chromosphere

Gareth Emery - Dopex - 2022-09-04

This is an amazing track that Gareth used to open a bunch of his shows over the past couple of years, and it's fantastic to see a proper release of it!

Gareth Emery - Dopex

Matt Fax - The Accord - 2022-09-04

Matt Fax - The Accord

Kudus - Fluor - 2022-09-04

Kudus - Fluor

Super8 and Tab feat. Nazzereene - Lightning - 2022-09-04

Every so often, there's a track I can listen to on repeat without getting tired of it for a couple of hours. There have been a few like this in 2022 for me, but Lightning may well be at the top of the list.

Super8 & Tab feat. Nazzereene - Lightning (Official Lyric Video)

Ashley Wallbridge - Golden Hour - 2022-09-04

Ashley Wallbridge - Golden Hour (Official Music Video)

Gareth Emery and Omnia - Unity (Extended Mix) - 2022-09-04

Gareth Emery & Omnia - Unity (Extended Mix)

MaRLo - War Eyes - 2022-09-04

MaRLo, Sunset Bros. feat. Sydnee Carter - War Eyes

Gareth Emery and Ben Nicky - Because the Night - 2022-09-04

Somehow I don't get tired of this one!

Gareth Emery & Ben Nicky feat. Emily Vaughn - Because The Night (Official Music Video)