Morrowind came out in 2002, and is the third game in the the Elder Scrolls series. It's on open-world RPG set on the island of Vvardenfell in the Morrowind province of Tamriel.


Morrowind works best when you have a map. The original game came with a paper map in the box. My assets came from GOG's version of Morrowind, so I use the digital map that was scanned and stiched by Raptormeat. It's available from UESP's Morrowind Maps page. Morrowind isn't a game that holds your hand, in the sense that the world is open for you to explore. Characters talk with you and provide background and directions to areas of interest, so having a map with labels really makes a big difference.


I play Morrowind using OpenMW, and while I enjoy the vanilla Morrowind experience, I mod Morrowind a fair degree to make it a bit more to my taste, while trying to preserve what makes it great. Everyone likes a different mod set, so this list is mainly to document what I landed on after a few years of modding in hopes that others might find bits and pieces to their liking.

Optimize Performance

Morrowind Optimization Patch

Enhance Visuals

Morrowind Enhanced Textures

Using the ESRGAN generative adversarial network, this mod upscales most every texture in Morrowind using machine learning. Though I'm a huge fan of Darknut's work, the scalability of this approach allows for a much more comprehensive collection of textures to be produced. I think the quality is quite high, and the texture pack continually gets updates. I first grabbed it in 2018, and it's still getting releases in 2022.

Alter Gameplay

Run Faster

The walking speed is a touch too slow. This mod provides seven speeds, and I use the second, called faster.