Notedeck is a distribution of Tiddlywiki I've been developing for a few months. It's not a lot of code: most of the time has been thinking about what features mesh well together to create a coherent set of tools. The tools are designed to take a more opinionated approach to organizing information in a Tiddlywiki for use as a "memex" of sorts. While Zettlekasten notetaking methods are gaining popularity, Zettlekasten requires an ongoing investment into how the notes are linked together. Notedeck's philosophy is to allow notes to be organized as a graph, but to default to a tree structure. Sound interesting? Read on!

  • Notedeck Philosophy
  • Notedeck Components
    • Notedeck Saver - the Python backend for Notedeck, allowing any browser to save wikis seamlessly. Includes a basic backup system as well.
    • Notedeck Wiki - The Tiddlywiki portion of Notedeck. Includes a variety of macros and buttons that make creating and aggregating topic-focused logs fast and simple.