The Pyra


My main gripe with mainstream devices is that they cater to short term goals: shiny, cool features that will be old and boring in 12 months, so you can throw away the device and buy a new one. The Pyra, on the other hand, is a device built to optimize for users, rather than the business. It has a high price, but it's made almost entirely in the EU, and it's modular, so components like the screen and port configuration can be swapped out while leaving the CPU and RAM intact, for example. It trades sleekness for power, choosing to run plain ol' Debian and offering a slew of USB, HDMI, and SD ports for expansion and customization.

For me, I expect it would be the perfect device to throw in a backpack that mostly can be used for gaming, but also can browse the web and even support lightweight programming. Best of all, it can run Emacs, so I'd never be without a comfy computing environment!

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