TIC-80 is a small fantasy computer that includes a full development environment (runtime + code editor) along with a set of tools to develop sound effects, music, maps, and sprites. Programs are limited to 64kb, and support Lua, along with Lua-hosted languages like Fennel (my preferred language!) and Wren.

Might take a stab at developing a simple dice game (Zilch perhaps?) in TIC-80. One of the draws, beyond simply being able to deploy the game to any platform that runs TIC-80 (browsers, desktops, phones) is that RetroArch bundles TIC-80, so TIC-80 games run on anything that runs RetroArch, including devices like the RG280V: modern handhelds that run retro games. Fantastic gateway to writing portable games as a hobby!

TIC-80 (Github)