I'm Rick, and this is my home on the web.

I'm curious about a lot of different topics, but most of what you'll find here is about software (open-source in particular), human-machine interfaces, gaming of various types, GNU/Linux, Emacs, and systems to organize information (like org-mode and Tiddlywiki).

There are a few sections to browse through.

Tech Notes - Notes about small hobby projects and problems I've worked through for reference later, and for others that might be working on something related.
Writing - Longer notes about various topics I'm interested in.
Thoughts - My microblog-style thoughts about interesting articles I run across in my RSS feeds.
Gaming - I'm interested in lots of different games, and I keep notes on some of them here.
EDM - Hub for my annual EDM track collections

I have a couple of projects I've worked on, which have their own notes.

Most Recent Additions

My current projects are listed on my Now page.

Here are some of the most recent pages I've added in various categories.


Tech Notes



Last update: 2024-04-26